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Bless You Mom was chosen by Mom's Choice Awards as 2008"s "Most
Inspirational/Motivational" family-friendly product.


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A bit of Sweetness… (Author Unknown)

Hugging is practically perfect!
The only maintenance required is frequent, regular use.
There is no wear or tear on moving parts.
There are no batteries to replace.
No periodic performance checkups.
No insurance premiums.
No daily, weekly or monthly payments of any kind.

Energy consumption is low.
Energy yield is high.

It is inflation proof.
Theft proof.
And the best part is that it is, of course, fully returnable!

Hugging is natural.
It is organic.
And intrinsically sweet.
One hundred percent wholesome.
It contains no pesticides, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

The best person to hug is anyone.
The best place to hug is anywhere.
The best time to hug is anytime.

The Surgeon General should determine that hugging is good for your health!

You are hereby challenged to hug your child every single day!
Each hug is sure to be returned to you!

Harmony Rose West

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