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Bless You Mom was chosen by Mom's Choice Awards as 2008"s "Most
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Mothers and the Power of Thought

Mothers are blessed with the both the privilege and responsibility of nurturing life. Paradoxically, mothering is both the most rewarding, and at the same time difficult work of our lives. Primed with good intentions yet no formal training, we do our best day after day. Some days are miracles to behold; others just miss the mark. Thankfully, the sacred Mother and Child relationship is overflowing with opportunities for both healing and being healed.

We need many tools in our mothering toolbox. One very powerful mechanism is conscious thought. Most of us put lots of energy into the outer world to provide healthy food and a safe environment for our children. While these are very important areas to focus on, they are not exclusive focal points for our child’s well-being. Equally important is the need to place emphasis on our inner world; the environment of our thoughts.

Like using a flashlight to see what is in the darkness, we can shed light on our thoughts to see if they are creative or toxic. It is said that we think 50,000 thoughts a day and 40,000 of those thoughts are negative and regurgitated. Yikes! Fellow “Mama Bears,” we need to be conscious of what’s going on in our heads. If we want to create change in our outer world, we need to learn how to manifest from our inner world through the use of mindful thoughts. By observing what isn’t working in our family and making a commitment to use the tool of conscious thought, we can gratefully focus on expanding the goodness in our family!

Our Bless You Mom cards are designed to inspire mothers towards nurturing and uplifting conscious thoughts; ones that affirm both you and your child. As you read a card each day and focus on the message, you can choose more thoughts of love, appreciation and gratitude. As a result of managing your own thoughts, your child will grow strong, positive core beliefs about his or her self and you will feel empowered as well. Our wish is that both the Bless You Mom cards and our website articles inspire you to be the Blessed Mother that you are! We thank you, in advance, for any feedback that you care to share with us.

Bless You Mom!

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Mothers and the Power of a Toolbox

Mothers need all the tools we can commandeer! Imagine, for a moment, that you have a do-it-yourself toolbox. This metaphoric tool box for parenting is stocked with tools you use each day, tools you may use in the future and some forgotten tools. You probably already use the tools of laughter and humor. Happiness is a great tool that you can use to gage your family’s emotional wellness.

Attitude is a big mothering tool. Deciding not to make mountains out of molehills can save your sanity! As you demonstrate kindness in your communication you use the tool of compassion. This helps your children learn the importance of being considerate and kind. When you have oodles of patience, above and beyond your normal quotient, you are a saint everyone, especially your child! Getting your child’s attention with good eye contact rather than yelling from across the room shows your child how to gain attention in a respectful way. Laughter, humor, happiness, kindness and respect are just some of the tools in your parenting box.

There are tools you use day in and day out that you may not even be aware of. Every single time you provide a warm and cozy lap to your child and take time to touch and cuddle you use the tool of comfort and physical contact. You become the softest place for your child to de-stress, to reconnect and to feel secure in your love as they nestle in your arms. Ah, for little people and big, there’s nothing better than being held in the lap of love. As you slow down a few beats, you help both you and your child to ground in the present moment.

Perhaps you are so caught up in raising a child, that you’ve forgotten you are also raising a future adult. Childhood goes by quickly and before you know it, they are grown and gone. I know this to be true because my children have grown up! I can see in the ways that they manage their adulthood, the foundation that was laid in their childhood. For the most part, I am pleased with the result of my parenting. I learned early on that the gifts of time and presence are the most valuable tools to have in the Mothering toolbox. These are the precious gifts that will live in your child’s cells forever! All the toys and other stuff pale in comparison to your loving presence.

Our intention at Bless You Mom is to build a library of resources for you so that your toolbox will overflow with useful, uplifting and healing tools. We intend to post articles and news here often. Please let us know how we can better serve you.

Bless You Mom!