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Girls Core Empowerment Circles

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Growing a Healthy Sense of Self


Core Empowerment Circles are loving, compassionate and spiritual gatherings; places for girls to come together and anchor in the idea of being their own best friend. Each week, our time and activity is woven around a theme intended to plant seeds of self-love, strength and connection. Our topics include…loving ourselves from the inside out, thinking weak versus strong thoughts, appreciating our bodies, recognizing our core goodness and strengths, grounding in gratitude and forgiving our mistakes. I teach through creative projects, meditations, energy medicine and more.

Before you know it, your ‘little girl’ will be all grown up. To deal with the stresses of our modern world, she needs a connection to Spirit, a well of self-love, lots of tools, healthy role models and a few solid friends. Girls Core Empowerment Circles weaves all of these together!

New Core Empowerment Circles forming

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"It is really fun doing the projects and the meditations are cool. Everybody in my circle is amazing." - Adrienne, age 8

"My daughter can't wait for circle.  Harmony is great at making self-respect, self-esteem, self-care, forgiveness and overall compassion easily understood by young minds and hearts." - Sarah, mom