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Mother’s Medicine Circles

Deep Nurturing as a Spiritual Practice

Circles are powerful vehicles for personal growth. Mother’s Medicine Circles are loving, healing and spiritual gatherings; a place for mothers to come together for nurturing.

In our Mother’s Medicine Circles, we consciously leave social chatter, busyness, and ordinary reality at the door to focus on the inner world of mothering. Our circle is centered with an altar. This sacred mesa, which represents Spirit, anchors our space as a container for healing, growth, and connection. Our time together is woven around a theme intended to tap into the greater potential of our group. With hearts open, our collective wisdom inspires us and we feel revitalized as we return to our families and our community.

Native teachings tell us that there is nothing more powerful on Earth than a circle of women because the feminine is the universal force through which all creation manifests. Mothering is a daily spiritual practice with Deep Nurturing at its core. Now is a powerful time to gather in Mothers Medicine Circles to anchor in the power of the feminine.

Our circles are for two hours…long enough to connect with friends, learn energy medicine techniques, fill your well and more…

“The mothers circle was something the cells in my body have been aching for yet I did not recognize what that ache and yearning was until it was soothed by the sacred collective energy I experience in being part of this ancient ritual of gathering with other women and sharing who we are with each other. I have laughed and cried and loved in a deep, authentic way. Being part of the circle has allowed me the safety and freedom to be at my most vulnerable so as to find my courage, my truth, my strength, my power, and my connection to the divine within myself and everybody else.” - S. C.

“Harmony is a gift to this world and to all of the women in our community. Her wisdom and caring spirit are lights in the darkness. Being in circle with other women is the most profound vehicle for deep and authentic communication that I have ever experienced. It is nourishing like a rain in the desert. I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience what Harmony is offering.” - M. R.